Jab insaan kisi bimari azari ka shikar hota hai toh wo sabse pehle Allah Talah ko yaad karta hai aur kyu na kare, Allah Talah ne uski shifa ke liye har intezam kiya hai.

Aap humare alim sb. Ye ek behad tez wazifa hai jo aapko rohani taur pe acha karta hai, taki aapki sari jismani takleef door ho jaye. Aap ko Insha Allah apne har disease aur rog ka ilaj har qism ki bimari ke liye dua mein milega aur aapki pareshani bahot jald khatam ho jayegi.

Agar aapko ya aapke kisi kareebi ko jismani beemariyo mein mubtala kar diya gaya hai aur aapko tamam ilaaj karne ke bawjood bhi koi fayda nazar nahi araha balki aapki takleef badhti hi ja rahi hai toh aap disease cure wazifa ya hayyu ya qayyum ka istemal kare.

Insha Allah, bahot jald aapki har jismani takleef khatam ho jayegi aur aapki sari reports sahi aane lagengi.

Solve Your All Problem By Reciting “Ya Hayyu ya Qayyum”

Agar aapko doctor ne koi aisi takleef bata di hai jo la-ilaj hai toh aap Allah ki zaat se mayus na ho. Chahe aapko jismani marz ho ya dimaagi, aap har qism ki bimari ke liye dua kare aur Allah Talah aapki har azmayish se aapko bacha kar aage le ayega.

Aap poore akeede aur yakeen ke sath is dua ko parhe aur Insha Allah, aapko apni pareshani se azadi hasil hogi.

ya hayyu ya qayyum wazifa for love

Aap agar apni sehat ko lekar bahot pareshan hai aur aap raat din isi fikr mein ghulti ja rahi hai toh aap apne aapko har qism ki beemari ke liye ya hayyu ya qayyum ka wazifa parhne mein lagaye. Aap ye wazifa aaj hi humare molvi sb. Wo aapko iski poori jankari de denge. Insha Allah, aap bahot jald sehatmand ho jayenge aur jo bhi beemari aapko takleef de rahi hai, usse apko shifa hasil hogi. Aap aaj hi har bimari ke liye kamyab nuskha in Urdu ko parhna shuru kare aur chand roz mein iska asar apni sehat pe dekhe.

Ye behad mujarrab wazifa hai aur apke bimari ke liye taumar hai. Toh bila nagah aaj hi se isko shuru kare aur jald se jald apni takleef se nijat hasil kare. Vote count: 1. No votes so far! Be the first to rate this post. Home Profile Blog Contact Us.

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Share Your Problem. Get Immediate Solution Now.For one thing, it will revive your heart which will go on to have positively astonishing effects on every aspect of your life including your physical health. Your body opens up and it starts inviting growth and good health. Jinn manifestation is a common phenomenon that many people experience. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are able to detect the presence of jinn until it becomes too late.

At times, a jin will make its presence be known in an entire household. As a result harmony and peace will start to flourish in your life automatically. Ya Hayyu ya Qayyum bi rahmatika astaghees meaning in English.

It should actually become the truth of your life.

Tag: ya hayyu ya qayyum wazifa for marriage

This particular Islamic dua is one of the strongest and finest ways to make that possible. Ya Hayyu ya Qayyum wazifa for marriage. Everybody in your family will get closer. A wish can be of any kind. If the goal and the idea is to make the lives of those around you easier, then all you have to do is recite this dua every single day 40 times for a month and see the magic happen.

ya hayyu ya qayyum wazifa for love

Insha Allah, all your wishes will come true. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Search for:.

Table of Contents. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.A scholar of Islam says about Ya Hayyu quality of Allah that Hayy is one who do all the work, if you recite this fantastic Name you will have life in your every work, your heart will live forever and your soul attracts towards His creator.

To enjoy this gift then health is necessary so always pray to Allah in every prayer for your health.

To maintain the health, recite Ya Hayyu times and you will stay healthy and if you will sick then you will recover soon, a scholar says that if you will apply this in your life then you will never be sick. How To Recovery From Every Disease: Read Ya-Hayyo to recover from every disease, so if anyone wants to become its scholar then for that choose a clean place where you can worship Allah then on that place recites this 10, times and if you are thing about how many days then answer is days.

In order to control the high blood pressure and make it normal then recite this Holy Verse seven times on a glass of fresh water and use this H2O. So the paralysis patients have to recite Ya Hayyu wazifa and also continue the medical treatment.

So for that good reason, recite this before opening the clinic times because this will help your patients and also good for your noble profession. Successful Operation Wazifa Kamyab: Life and death is in the hands of Allah and every doctor who wants their every operation become successful then every day before going to hospital or clinic recite this Amazing Name of Allah in the morning and also at the time of operation. Wazifa For Safety From Accidents: To do such works in which any kind of accident can happen like to give duty of driver, to work on machine, to do a job of army, people related to fish farming business, boat man, drivers and a person who go hilly areas and wants to come back home safely etc can read this Name times so that they can safe from accidents.

If a sick person recite this for times he will recover from diabetes, blood pressure and paralysis. IslamIslamic Wazaif In Urdu. Older posts. Newer posts. About the Author. Hi i am Ali.One of the worst things you can do to yourself in life in the past. Holding on to the hurt of the past is one of the unhealthiest things.

Dua or Wazifa to forget someone you love. We can all agree with that. Killing yourself while thinking about your lost love is not going to do you any good. Islamic Dua or Wazifa to forget someone you love It will only take away the happiness that you can enjoy in the present moment. Sometimes in life, we are faced with situations where we have to walk away from a loved one. Sometimes, the pain can be so much that some people end up living in that pain for years. If you are also stuck with such negative emotions then you need to perform Islamic dua that will make you forget your long lost loves and help you move on.

Life is meant to be lived and loved and enjoyed every single moment. And while not all days are the same, we can definitely make provisions to make sure each day is as beautiful as it can possibly be. Sometimes we know what is best for us but despite that knowledge, we are not able to bring that knowledge into practice. A dua is supposed to help you do what you really need to do by connecting you with Allah Tallah. D ua to remove someone from your life By remembering that almighty and source of power, you are able to tap into his blessings and powers.

You gain control over your emotions. If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one or if you have broken up with someone, you should not wait too long before moving on with your life. D ua to forget bad memories Not only will this keep you in the past, but it will also not let you explore new people and find love in someone else who is probably more deserving of your love.

Islamic dua and Wazifa are meant to help the meek and timid who are finding it difficult to move on with their life and forget someone they love so they can live a healthy and peaceful life.

Also, sometimes some people can have difficulty performing this dua on their own. He will aid you in performing this dua accurately and perfectly. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Search for:. Table of Contents. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.This wazifa is the king of all wazifa for any kind of worldly problems. For example: to stop the transfer, to reach somewhere on time, to get promotions and many more. There are a number of wazifas over the internet for various problems whereas, ya Hayyu ya Qayyum is the only amal which is the King of all the King Wazifa and it is the number 1 wazifa among all other wazifas for all problems.

Disease Cure Wazifa YA HAYYU YA QAYYUM – Har Qism Ki Bimari Ki Dua

In this post furthermore, you will find an amulet taweez of ya Hayyu ya Qayyum which has immense benefits fazilat. Usually, this wazifa ya Hayyu ya Qayyum has so many benefits. Hamesha Tandrust Rehne Ka Amal. Is ke ilawa agar koi shakhs shakhs isay kasrat se parhne ka mamool bana le tou woh hamesha sehat mand rahe ga.

Agar kabhi bimar bhi ho ga tou foran sehatyab ho ga.

Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum Wazifa K Faidy Barkat Fazeelat

Zindagi bhi hai aur moot bhi Allah ke hath mein. Woh doctor jo is baat ka khawahish mand ho keh us ka har operation kamyab ho tou usay chahiye ke Ya Hayyu ko daily morning time times read kare us ke baad operation karte waqt Ya Hayyu ka khula wird kare. Jitni baar parh sakta ho parhe.

Zindagi mein hadsa ka paish ajana aqal se baeed nahin. Is liye aisay kaam karna jin mein hadsa hone ka khatra ho jese driver ki duty dena ya kisi machine par kaam karna, soldier ki service amooman hadsat se do char hoti hai.

Is liye fauji sapahiyon, darya mein kashti chalane wale malahon, bus, car, rikshaw aur engine drivers ke liye Ya Hayyu ka wird bohat mufeed hai. In shaa Allah isay parhne wala hamesha hadsaat se mehfooz rahe ga.

Jo shakhs pahari alaqe mein safar par jaye tou raste mein usat parhta jaye. In shaa Allah zinda salamat apne ghar wapas aye ga.

Is ka wird jani aur mali nuqsan se mehfoz rakhta hai. Is liye pur sakoon aur ba hifazat rehne ke liye daily baar parhna mufeed hai. Falij mein insani jism ka khuch hisa bekar ho kar kaam karna chor deta hai yani murda ho jata hai us bekar hisay ko dobara zinda kar ke usay asal ki tarah kar dena Allah ke ikhtiyar mein hai lihaza jo insan falij ka mareez ho usay chahiye ke medical treatment karne ke sath Ya Hayyu ka bohat zayada wird kare.Blood Moons in Islam Solar and lunar eclipses and full moons are part of nature.

Blood Moons benefits in Islam We all witness them every now and then. Grahan in Islam While some religions will tell you to fear them, others […]. Durood e Nariya ka Wazifa Salawat is one of the Duas that is performed and recited by the Muslim population. This has many types such as Salawat Nariya, Munjiah, Badar, etc. In this post, we are going to […]. How to pray for someone you love Islam Love is a beautiful emotion.

Most powerful dua in the Quran The Quran is essentially a code of conduct. The Secrets of an Accepted Dua Do you have anyone particular wish that you desperately want for it to come true? Surah for success in exams Everybody desires for success. Surah for success in everything Maybe you are starting a business or perhaps you are deciding to move to a different city.

Maybe you want to start a new job or […]. Dua acceptance stories You need to be on the lookout for certain […]. Dua for waking up in the middle of the night We can all understand the importance of prayer. It is more than just folding hands and asking for a favor from the Almighty.

Search for:. Special dua for something you really want The Secrets of an Accepted Dua Do you have anyone particular wish that you desperately want for it to come true?

Surah for success in everything Surah for success in exams Everybody desires for success.When there are times, you struggle, when there are tears in your eyes, when life seems hard to live, when there is only darkness lies ahead of you. When there is no way out to light. Whatever difficult situation you are going through, do not worry insha ALLAH this will resolve all problems soon.

Whether it is regarding job, sustenance, a court case or related to any kind of difficulties. Har marz ki shifa aur har pareshani aur mushkil se mushkil afat ko dafah karne ki quwwat rakhta hai. Bas ke hamein ilm ho. Aur ham ise parhezgari aur taqwa ke sath parhein. ALLAH zarur rehmat nazil farmata hai. Safar ki Dua HD Images yahan dekhiye. Har sakht se sakht pareshani se nijat ke liye is amal ko parhiye.

Kuch hi din mein wo pareshani aur mushkil dafah ho jayegi. ALLAH asaniyan farmayega. Rozana Namaz-e-Tahajjud ada karke ye upar di hui dua martaba parhiye.

ya hayyu ya qayyum wazifa for love

Yaha tak ke apne kisi bhi maqsad mein agar kamyab bhi hojaye. Har ek ayat ko martaba parhiye. Tahajjud ki namaz ke bad parhna hai rozana.

Offer tahajjud prayer every day. Note: Women should not perform this for 7 days of their menses. IAsslamu alaikkum bhai in that wasifa it said you need to blow on the person, my brother in law family living separately can I blow on his picture or how to blow that person pl tell me.

Asalam o alikum…!!! Hamaray ghar me din ba din mushkilat me izafa ho rha hai itifaq b nai rha sb me plz koi aisa wazifa batayen jo mai all time wazu k bagair our na pak halat me b parh sku jis se sari muskilat dur jo jayen our ghar me sakon ho jayai.

Millionaires Don't Believe Wazifa, Billionaires Do

Salam, sir main, bubat pareshan, hoon mere ghar main bohat jaghre hain chotti chotti batoo per main joint main hoon mujhe saprete chaiye itne saal hogye mere husband sunte he nahi Sab perliya per kuch Asar he nahi hota main bemaar b rahti hoo sir b ghoomta hain kuch apni marzi se nahi kersakti SaaS bilawajah jhagarti hain plz help me. Jab tak aapki pareshani khatm nahi ho jati tab tak ye amal parhte rahna hai.

ya hayyu ya qayyum wazifa for love

Aoa Mehrunnisa,Mei Pakistan hoon or mere husband uk mei hai. Aoa Mehrunnisa,3 months ho gaey hain ,halaat bad se bad ter ho gaey hain.

Itna lambi parhi tu nahi hoti na dear ,or ager ho bhi tu aser tu nazer aey na.

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